Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey, guys! I'm finally back!
After so much time without writing I realized that what's important is that I'm expressing my feelings and thoughts. Audience will come if the blog deserves it but I can't depend of that.
Now I know that I've got to focus on myself. I'm tired of thinking more about others than thinking of what I want. I'm starting a new era. My era. Things are gonna be different and no one will get me down.
Daniela, the girl who wrote the last post, is a brazilian friend of mine and she made me realize that the worst enemy you can have is me and myself! So... NO MORE ENEMIES. 
Brazil is a wonderful country to visit and live. I'm loving being here and I'm learning so much. But I realized that girls here aren't so different from in USA.
Brazil is my biggest audience and I wanted to thank all of you girls for following each step I make.
Feel free to comment whatever you want and be prepared to not agree with everything I say. Because that's how life goes.

Now, giving atention to my loved step sis.

Bye bye,

Blake (From Brazil)

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