Monday, September 13, 2010

Evil just like them

I'm so tired of being all nice with my "friends". Today makes one month I'm not going to school and just today someone called me! I mean, demanded that I called HER! God, I'm sick and tired of these people. Their annoying voices on the celphone, and how they talk about their lives as if it is a perfect TV show, when it's not. I trusted a girl called Anna, and she let me down. Today she talked to me oddering me to come back to school. And I just said: "Ok, I do what's possible". Go to hell dear Anna. You lyied to me, used me, embaressed me. You don't diserve my friendship. Well be sure I'm not coming back and that my social life will get better each day. I will proove myself that I can live very well without you. Saturday Melanie is coming here and we are going to a fashion show. We are going to have fun and I have an appointment with the guy who discovered Giselle B├╝inbchen (I don't really know how to write her name haha). Have fun you guys. Forget who forgot you. Ignore who ingored you. Be yourself and forget all the rest.



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