Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your love is my drug

I'm totally and completly in love with my classmate John. I don't know how or why but destiny brought us together yesterday at BRAZIL! God, love is definiltly complicated. I met him eight months ago. I tried to forget him and tried to like someone else, but the thing is, when you fall in love is for good. No returns. I'm thinking of already telling him that I love him. He's like the most popular guy in school  and maybe people will think I'm so nonsense of telling him: I LOVE YOU. Unfortunatly, it's the truth! But you know what? I don't matter what those bitches will all say and all the gossip that maybe even he will tell. I'm gonna spill it out once and for all and damn it all the rest. I didn't actually have a chance. He's charming, nice, a gentelman. When he looked he in my eyes I just couldn't take it. Well, now I'm really going. Love is complicated. Maybe will won't ever be together. Maybe all the looks and the times he pretended not to miss me was just an ilusion. Maybe, I'm really crazy! Kkk. Gotta go.



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