Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to go to sleep...

Well, I can say I'm freaking out. I can't explain really what I feel but it isn't good. Definitly not. I feel nervous, and sad and hopeless. I wanna sleep but at the same time I don't. My mom bought a yoga CD to try to make me sleep! But I think the only person that will really sleep here is her. I feel like if my life is nothing compared to millions of people that exist out there. I try not to think on what I'll be doing next, or how will it be home-schooling, but I can't help it. My brain is faster. What will I do to my life? I wanted to do something really different, like go to a designing class in Paris, or to a cooking class at Rome. I don't know, something different that makes me feel special. I want to disappear for a while and not be wondering if people notice I disappeared or not. Be myself, no matter what it takes. Well, now I'll listen to my yoga CD and try to sleep. Kkk. Shit. I hate not sleeping normally. But it's ok. I'll handle it, like I always do.



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