Monday, October 4, 2010

Who I am and who will I be

Well, I've been reading some of you comments and realized that you can't change who you are. But being who you are is very complex. In which moment of life do you know who you really are? I don't know. Each day I discover something new about myself. Something I thought I didn't have or didn't like. Maybe I didn't, and now I do. I think our personality is changing moment, every step that we take, every move we make. I don't think anymore that a 12 year old girl needs to now exactly her personality. I'm stronger now, and prepared for coming back to school. I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen to me. I talked to Anna, and to Carla. I think I'm prepared to deal with them. And most importantly, deal with myself. I'm not gonna quit writing here. I love this and it's not the audiencie or the lack of comments that are going to bring me down. I realized I don't need to choose when I can have everything. Why choose black or white if both colors exist? I'm not choosing or quiting anything anymore. This IS my life. I'm going to make it 'happen'. And you guys should do the same.



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