Monday, September 20, 2010

Life like in films

God, how I wished life was like in films. It would be so much easier. Knowing that everything would be ok in the end would help so much! I'm so divided because I'm not sure anymore if life can be like in films or not. The thing is my own brain has so many different opinions that hearing only myself is already really confusing. I want to be the protagonist of my life but I don't really know if I can. People say that just being myself will make everything work out right. But what can I do when I don't even know who I really am or want. I want to change everything but I don't know how exactly. I'm discovering myself but it isn't easy at all. I'm moving to my new apartment next week and I'm full of hope that a new apartment will bring me new (good) things. I feel as I didn't have a social life but I guess it's because of homeschooling. It's kind of a choice I made. I mean, I don't know I really really really confused! I'll try getting some sleep and tomorrow I'll write more when I'm not so confused anymore.



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  1. Really liked your text. I think that you´re having issues with yourself, and that´s a problem that only you can have the answer. If you feel that the problem is not having a social life, get one! is not dificult. Get back to school, your friends are all there, right? What´s the worst thing that could happen? Take a risk if you´r thinking life´s boring. Take a chance, and try to re-do your life. How to start? You´re already starting, but remember, you can always need your friends for that, so you have to be sure that you didn´t forget about them.They are still there, I hope.