Friday, September 10, 2010

We can't back down

Don't ever give up. It's our live guys, this is serious. When something wrong is happening you can just pretend you aren't seeing it. We've already gone to far to back down. We won the most important prize. Life. We can't be granted for it because we did fight for it. And what a fight! Kkk. I hate my school, I 'm sick, I can't sleep well, I feel I'm only complicating peoples' lifes, but still, I want to live. Because I promised myself I would never walk away. I've made my choice 12 years ago. I'm gonna fight until the end. I won't worry so much of what is going to happen. And why I am so inspired? I heard like a thousand times the music: "Can't Back Down". Of Camp Rock 2- The Final Jam. What matters is to be happy. Forget the rest.



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  1. You know what i realized? If youre looking for trouble, youre gonna find it. its life. but you can also avoid trouble, and pretend youre not seeing it. it helps a lot. If people treat you badly, then my dear, youre gonna have to start thinking only about yourself and the people that care about you. If you care about what THEY think of you, you are not going to live at all. Youre going to live a nightmare. Those are the facts. Real Life. Hope i helped a little bit ;) xoxo, gossip girl (: