Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't be afraid to make your own mistakes

I wanna make my OWN mistakes. I wanna do my own things and go after dreams. If I fall, it's ok, but I know I'll be falling my own way. Stop hearing everyone. People won't make your mistakes for you, and they won't feel the pain when you fall down. But when it happens, you need to continue. Get up and face life with courage. Believe me, I know it isn't easy but it's life. And the thing I love the most is being alive. I want to be an actress, and singer. Two kind of impossible jobs. People keep saying: " You should be a doctor" or " You should be a journalist, because the acting world is too difficult!". And who cares if it's difficult? It's MY LIFE, MY MISTAKES, MY DREAMS. I'm gonna go after them, because what is life made of without dreams? I have mine. You have yours. The guy next door has his. In life we need to fight for things. Live your own life for yourself because we only have one chance. Don't live other peoples' lives if you don't want to. I've always had a feeling that my mom kind of corrected all the mistakes my grandma made, and now she doesn't really know how to deal with her own mistakes. Go for YOUR dreams and forget all the rest. Not literaly! Kkk. But do what you want, takes what it takes, because people won't do it for you.



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