Friday, January 28, 2011


Self-estime. Something so simple but so dangerous. Lose it and you lose your way, have to much of it and you make people hate you.
It can make people love you or make them hate you. Can make you became famous or can make you lose everything. What need is balance. That is the key world for a good and healthy life. Don't each too much but don't die o hunger. Don't believe you can fly but don't lose hopes that you can walk.
If you can do that, you can do anything. You will hardly get hurt or lost.
I'll continue writing later.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Many people ask why someone becomes famous having less talent then others. What I realize is that talent is important. We are born we something but what makes a special are our actions and decisions. That's why some people become prettier each time we talk to them. That is the real meaning to the sentence: beauty is what we can't se with out I eyes, we feel it we our souls. The most beautiful girl or guy in world gets ugly if he or she is boring and doesn't have maners.
I remember once, I met the cutest guy ever. He was handsome and so beautiful that he could make any girl fall in love with him. Well, that's what happened to me. Only today I can finally live my life. I feel I'm prepared to fall again because I realized he isn't so handsome inside. He thinks he's the best and doesn't care of what you're feeling. That made me decide to move on.
True beauty is be nice with others, treat them how you wanted to be treated and continue being gentil and nice even when people don't treat you the way you wanted. And believe me, that will happen. A lot. But that's life. That's what it takes to be human. Be yourself and remember that what really matters is what you are inside.


Blake (Still in Brazil)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Comments, comments, comments... I was reading the comments you wrote me. Made me think. Made me realize that complain about life doesn't change anything. But actions do. Yes, we can change. We aren't born with a personality, we build one. We build and change our personality everyday because that's life. But if we get down on each comment we hear and don't like, we don't live. Life would really be a nightmare.
So stop thinking and just live! That's my tip for today.



Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey, guys! I'm finally back!
After so much time without writing I realized that what's important is that I'm expressing my feelings and thoughts. Audience will come if the blog deserves it but I can't depend of that.
Now I know that I've got to focus on myself. I'm tired of thinking more about others than thinking of what I want. I'm starting a new era. My era. Things are gonna be different and no one will get me down.
Daniela, the girl who wrote the last post, is a brazilian friend of mine and she made me realize that the worst enemy you can have is me and myself! So... NO MORE ENEMIES. 
Brazil is a wonderful country to visit and live. I'm loving being here and I'm learning so much. But I realized that girls here aren't so different from in USA.
Brazil is my biggest audience and I wanted to thank all of you girls for following each step I make.
Feel free to comment whatever you want and be prepared to not agree with everything I say. Because that's how life goes.

Now, giving atention to my loved step sis.

Bye bye,

Blake (From Brazil)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Special Guest

Life's easy. Actually not very much. Breathing and blinking are pretty simple things to do. But then, if living it's so easy, what's the point of doing this? After watching people talking about how the've changed their lives just because they wanted on Oprah, that really hits me. I mean, I don't wanna waist my precious time here, but infortuntly everthing that I do seems like a waist of time. But then, I stop to remaind me that I don't need doing all this. I don't have to prove me, all that I need to do is to be happy. But, why is that so hard?
I know I don't have all those answers. I know that I don't need answers. I'm who I am, and people think that's cool, or that's pretty, but why can't I see myself with those eyes?
I realise that my worst enemy, or the person that most pushes me is myself, and every single time that I think about this, makes me feel almost sick.
I know that I have issues, but I think that's a part of me who doesn't want to face them, and just want to continue breathing and blinking. And that part of me, actually is not the person that everbody knowns. Is not the person that I want to face it, or be. It's like a undesirable guest that loves scaring me. And I have to addmit that I'm scared of it. Of myself.

By Daniela Palermo.