Thursday, September 23, 2010

New home, new style, new life

The day is finally getting close. First of October (if everything goes alright) I'll be moving to my new apartment :):) I decided that with a new apartment I would change my style, my life, and the way I see the world. I have short hair so I'm gonna make it longer. I'm into a Jenny transition, haha. This will be a full and exciting weekend with lots of changes, I mean good changes. I am just so happy I'm moving in that I just can't wait anymore. I really really hope everything goes alright. Well I think at least my friendship with Melanie is going well. I was so worried it didn't go well and I think I even went kind of paranoid with this. But I'm well today and tomorrow I'll be meeting Melanie's second best friend: Carmen. I hope she likes me! Because I'm so nervous, haha. Need to go now.



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  1. Why you have to wait until you move to change yourself? And why do you have to change yourself? People don´t change just because they want. Your a person and you can´t change your personality. You were born with it. Why can´t you love yourself? Do you need other ones to love you instead? Think about it. Like your text!