Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guys you don't imagine

God, it's so difficult to know if you like what I write because you all never tell me. I mean I'm writing here almost everyday and trying to help me and you. Please help me. I've already told you: Life knowcked me down, but I'm choosing to get back up. But I need your help. I'm having bullying at school. I mean I was because I'm doing homeschooling now. I'm turning my life around trying to be myself, but I want to know if you like me. If you like the way I really am. So please guys, tell me. Email me: or follow me on twitter: @blakechampton. I mean please just show me you're there. That you like what I'm writing and tell me what to write about. I can help you but I NEED your help also. Be back later.



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