Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Special Guest

Life's easy. Actually not very much. Breathing and blinking are pretty simple things to do. But then, if living it's so easy, what's the point of doing this? After watching people talking about how the've changed their lives just because they wanted on Oprah, that really hits me. I mean, I don't wanna waist my precious time here, but infortuntly everthing that I do seems like a waist of time. But then, I stop to remaind me that I don't need doing all this. I don't have to prove me, all that I need to do is to be happy. But, why is that so hard?
I know I don't have all those answers. I know that I don't need answers. I'm who I am, and people think that's cool, or that's pretty, but why can't I see myself with those eyes?
I realise that my worst enemy, or the person that most pushes me is myself, and every single time that I think about this, makes me feel almost sick.
I know that I have issues, but I think that's a part of me who doesn't want to face them, and just want to continue breathing and blinking. And that part of me, actually is not the person that everbody knowns. Is not the person that I want to face it, or be. It's like a undesirable guest that loves scaring me. And I have to addmit that I'm scared of it. Of myself.

By Daniela Palermo.

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