Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Many people ask why someone becomes famous having less talent then others. What I realize is that talent is important. We are born we something but what makes a special are our actions and decisions. That's why some people become prettier each time we talk to them. That is the real meaning to the sentence: beauty is what we can't se with out I eyes, we feel it we our souls. The most beautiful girl or guy in world gets ugly if he or she is boring and doesn't have maners.
I remember once, I met the cutest guy ever. He was handsome and so beautiful that he could make any girl fall in love with him. Well, that's what happened to me. Only today I can finally live my life. I feel I'm prepared to fall again because I realized he isn't so handsome inside. He thinks he's the best and doesn't care of what you're feeling. That made me decide to move on.
True beauty is be nice with others, treat them how you wanted to be treated and continue being gentil and nice even when people don't treat you the way you wanted. And believe me, that will happen. A lot. But that's life. That's what it takes to be human. Be yourself and remember that what really matters is what you are inside.


Blake (Still in Brazil)

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