Monday, August 30, 2010

I Fell In Love With... MY COUSIN!

Ok, he is so amazing. He's beautiful, inteligent, nice.. I mean, everything he needs to make me fall in love with him! But he is my COUSIN. How can I be in love with someone of my own family?! Ok, maybe I'm not in love with him. OMG, what am I saying? I'm completly in love with him. His name is Mathew. Wonderful name right? Kkk. Please somebody help me, because I am really, really confused. Why is this happening to me? I mean, now I have two impossible loves. My cousin Mathew, adorable, and my classmate John, adorable also! But the worse is that I think I don't have any chances with any of them. Maybe I meant to be alone. Ok, I'm freaking out. But what can I do? It's my life. I need to handle it.



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